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recently, of incidents like this in the mount washington neighborhood. reporting live in mount washington, mike hellgren. wjz eyewitness news. >>> and if you think you have any information on the suspects, you're asked to call police. >>> we have breaking news to tell you about right now. a person has been struck outside the post office downtown. captain mike perry with more. mike? >> reporter: yeah, i'm sorry, vic. i could not hear you. we are in front of the post office. north high street at east fayette. this is in front of a parking garage, with a report of a man stuck. under the parking garage. the man has not moved -- or has moved very little since paramedics arrived on the scene. he is going to be transported to a local area hospital. baltimore police have been called. it is not affecting traffic along fayette street because it is actually in front of the parking garage next to the post office. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much, captain mike perry. >>> there is justice tonight for two rape victims in baltimore. their attacker will spend decades in prison. >> reporter:
with the very latest on the crisis. >>> the nba future of gilbert arenas is in jeopardy tonight. the washington wizards star has pleaded guilty in a gun incident at the verizon center. the player pled guilty. prosecutors say a confrontation with the wizards' teammate led to the felony conviction. and it stemed from a dispute over a card game. >>> an early morning fire sends several firefighters to the hospital as they're hit with a wall of flames. mary bubala is live with some incredible video of that blaze. >> the call came in just around 6:00 this morning, at a row house in northeast avenue. take a look at this you tube video. a fire ball erupts in the home. several firefighters suffered injuries. one of whom suffered a first- degree burn and may have broken his arm. he's in stable condition. tonight, the other six firefighters hurt have been released from the hospital. fire officials say it's not yet clear whether anybody was home when that fire broke out. some incredible pictures. vic, back to you. >>> the fire is under investigation. it is believed to have started in the basement and sprea
at airports. from washington, he is pushing his security team to prevent another lapse like the close call on christmas day. >> reporter: president obama wants his national security team to pursue better ways to screen passengers and coordinate the terrorist watch list. >> when a suspected terrorist is able to aboard a plane with explosives on christmas day, the system has failed in a disasterrous way. >>> dozens of suspected terrorists have been added today that bases and the administration ordering airlines in 14 countries to give full body patdowns to every passenger heading to the u.s. but president obama says that best way to prevent another breakdown like the one that allowed a man to board a plane with explosives in his underwear is to make sure they're sharing intelligence we have to do better and we will do better. >> reporter: a full report on the botched attacks is still weeks away. the tsa is rushing to add body scanners across the country. security experts say they're necessary. >> most americans want to hear leadership and want to hear, if it's a tough call between securit
. and then rain. it may end as a little snow on friday before it goes out. 40, washington. 39, pax river. ocean city. and east end of the baltimore metro, upper 40s to around the 40-degree mark. winds did come back out of the north today. brought sunshine, cooler, dryer air. pushed the precip down to the south. earlier this morning, a few spots south of the city, saw a little bit of sleet. maybe oakridge. a little sleet, a little snow flurry activity, which quickly ended as we saw sunshine to our north. high pressure building in. it's keeping most of this moisture across virginia and down to the south, moving off to the east. but there's yet another system that will bring us precip late tomorrow night and friday. and we'll have cool enough temperatures at least in some areas, where we might see a little mix of precipitation across the region. and a lot of rain in some areas. could be as much as half an i've inch to an inch of rain. moving off to the east. away from the region. looking away for the next area of low pressure that moves and jumps to the coast. and once it gets to that region, it w
? does it get to baltimore, washington? up to york, p.a. looks like we'll be on the northern edge of it. we can expect some snow here on saturday. tim williams has a look at this particular graphic. >> reporter: we just had a sneak peek at what we're expecting. we have heavy, cold air that is being forced down. and that air is coming in. and it's suppressing that storm. not allowing it to really make a turn, up toward the midatlantic. so what we're expecting is that with that storm tracking across the carolinas, we could be on the fringe. and maybe an inch across the state. if it should happen to move up a little bit. but we're expecting most of the snow to be down around virginia and carolinas. as a result, the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning. i'm sorry. winter weather advisory in effect for the area from tomorrow through saturday. and that's going to be primarily to the south, down around virginia. really not expecting to see too much around the state. not out of the woods just yet. we'll continue to keep you posted. the headlines for tomorrow and tomorrow n
that it's serious about washington belt- tightening. >> we have to get our fiscal house in order. we have to take and continue to take the steps necessary to do that. >> reporter: republicans are skeptical. they want the administration to do more. >> americans are angry. and they're worried. they're angry about the spending. and they are worried about their children's futures. >> reporter: but no one wants cuts in military spending. for popular programs like social security. so the president must find the balance between what we can cut and the growing deficit. he'll lay out that plan wednesday night. >> reporter: in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz will bring you complete coverage of president obama's first state of the union speech on wednesday. kai jackson will be in washington and will bring you live coverage all evening long. >>> time now for a look at all of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. >>> a dundalk woman who claims she had cancer has been indicted on charges of scamming tens of thousands of dollars out of people, including a nationally-ranked sk
can see the activity came in from northern virginia. right now, from washington to the western suburbs of baltimore. showers, some embedded thunder and lightning. heaviest activity now, south of the airport. in fact, most of anne arundel county. buoy to south of the airport. south of glen burnie. that's moving in your direction. brief downpours north of that. north and west of the city, more shower activity. this is not going to help some of the trees that are kind of weak right now. so we're watching this activity to the west. some widely scattered showers. still a little going on over portions of carroll and western howard county. most of it will be over in the next hour or two. but we're still dealing with some of the showers. now, take a look at the satellite imagery. all of this quickly moved through the region. but this last little batch popped up over virginia. once that's finished, we should be pretty quiet for the rest of the night. and as far as advisories are concern said. still along the way, -- bay, until tomorrow afternoon. a coastal flood advisory. although most of the w
. >> reporter: this fire occurred in the 3500 block of washington boulevard. it is a commercial facility that is used to turn pallets into basically dust. this commercial chipper apparently caught fire. it is not clear whether it was operating at the time or whether it was operating earlier and the pellets from inside or the salt dust inside of it caused it to catch fire. but flames were leaping nearly 100 feet into the air. you can clearly see it, 10 or 12 miles away. when we arrived on the scene, baltimore county fire officials arrived here rather quickly. and were able to quickly knock down the smoke and flames. there is no reports of injuries here. we do not have a name on this business. but we know that it is off of georgetown road near washington boulevard. firefighters are investigating the cause of this fire. and it appears at this point that the fire is out. back to you on tv hill. >> yeah, firefighters did a good job. thanks, captain mike perry. >>> the crime shocked the baltimore region. a well-liked assistant manager at a dollar store, murdered inside the store. tonight, a pl
and south. washington area. what time would we expect the snow to arrive? most areas will see light snow between 10:00 and midnight. to the west of us, early, maybe as early as 8:00 or 9:00. east of us, later, probably 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. it will end probably by 9:00 in the morning. it will be an inconvenience in the morning. one to 3 inches. less south and east along the beaches. as much as 8 inches in the higher elevations. tomorrow morning's drive will definitely be affected by the snow. denise? >>> thank you, bob. >>> wjz 13 is always on. check in for first warning weather coverage. for updates on the forecast, live doppler radar and any closings or delays, log onto >>> the other big story tonight, looking to the future. mayor sheila dixon is stepping down. and the city is moving forward. the transition of power at city hall is already under way, with soon to be mayor stephanie rawlings-blake talking for the first time since mayor dixoon resigned. -- dixon resigned. jessica kartalija, spoke to governor martin o'malley today with the shakeup. but we begin with mike h
ever in this region. right now, 30 in oakland. 40 here, 38, ocean city. 40 in washington. the air is really dried out. the dew point is down to 20. which means tonight, temps will get into the mid-20s. rock hall is 37. d.c. at 40, as well as columbia. light, northerly winds. tomorrow, they will come back to the east and eventually go back to the south and southwest. low pressure sitting out here. this is the same storm hitting california, a day and a half ago. it's going to quickly move across the country. pick up just the gulf of mexico. and it's warm down here. it's going to bring all of this moisture up into the ohio valley. by the time it gets to us, we'll see a pretty good amount of rain. maybe an inch. maybe some areas could see two inches of rain out of that system. as it heads across the country. and that's going to take, another 12 to 24 hours. so we'll see clouds on the increase saturday night. rain by sunday afternoon. rain all day sunday afternoon and sunday night. it will end on monday. early, early. but now we've cleared that beautiful storm way offshore. it's comple
average. by friday, we're talking temps near 50 degrees. south of washington, in virginia, they will definitely be in the low 50s here on friday. so that's good news. west winds tomorrow on the bay. just 5 to 10 knots. and that advisory will be lifted late tonight. bay temp, around 34, 35. sunrise, 7:25. sets, 5:05. so tonight, yeah. clear and it's going to be chilly. seasonably cold, down in the low to mid-20s. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. but it will be a little milder. back up to normal. tomorrow's high around 40 degrees. even warmer on thursday and friday. so a break from the real cold temperatures headed our way. >> thank goodness. thank you, bob. >>> still ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. the grooming policy controversy. a 4-year-old boy suspended from preschool for the length of his hair. why his parents aren't backing down. >>> baggage blunder. how did a man get live shotgun shells onto an airplane? the latest on this security mishap. >>> this is mark viviano at the ravens facility at owings mills, where the team took to preparation today. we'll hear what coach joh
hellgren reports from washington, d.c. on stephanie rawlings-blake's high-profile visit. >> reporter: mayor-to-be stephanie rawlings-blake met with the president here at the white house. it's a far cry from last year, when mayor sheila dixon was uninvited. >> reporter: president obama got a warm welcome from mayors across the country. and the only nonmayor in the crowd. baltimore city council president stephanie rawlings- blake. she promised to repair the city's relationship with washington after several high- profile white house snubs of the scandal-tainted mayor dixon, even before dixon's conviction on embezzling gift cards for the needy. >> there is nothing that difficult that committed people with an eye on the prosperity of the possibilities of baltimore can't overcome. >> reporter: last year, the white house rescinded dixon's invitation from the same event, drawing her allies. >> we respectfully ask, sir, why our mayor was left out. >> reporter: dixon was also not invited on stage, not even mentioned during mr. obama's visit to baltimore during the inauguration. >> was i bothered by i
complete coverage continues now with adam may. reporting from washington, d.c. he has a former mayor's perspective on the shakeup. >> reporter: former baltimore city mayor curt schmoke is now dean here at the howard university school of law. he shared with wjz, details of his recent lunch, without going mayor she'll -- with outgoing mayor sheila dixon. and he had words for incoming mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. >> curt schmoke was mayor of baltimore city from 1988 to 1989. and today, he still maintains close relationships with many city leader the. >> -- leaders. >> you recently had lunch with mayor sheila dixon. what did you talk about? >> i wanted to remind her that there is a good life after politics. she was focused. obviously concerned about her children and her family generally. but in terms of the business of the city, you know, she hadn't known about what was going on in the last few weeks, you'd say, hey, the mayor is on top of things, really focused and ready to go work. >> mayor dixon's conviction raised the question about relationships between politicians and developer
. >> reporter: gilbert arenas is making headlines tonight. according to newspaper reports, the washington wizards guard is accused of pulling a gun on teammate javaris crittendon who pulled a gun on arenas in return. reports say that these tense moments were sparked when crittendon became angry at him for a gambling debt. arenas had an unloaded firearm in his locker, in a container. and the nba is looking into this situation. >>> just hours after, baltimore city police are investigating the year's first shooting. three people were shot in northeast baltimore. wjz is live outside city police headquarters. >> reporter: the city's first shooting happened in an area. well, neighbors say they are seeing more and more crimes. now, police have no suspects, few leads and three victims. >> reporter: four hours after midnight on sheldon avenue in northeast baltimore, neighbors heard gunshots. >> i thought they were shooting fireworks. >> reporter: but resident loose -- residents like this woman who didn't want to be identified, woke to the city crime tape. and the gunfire hit three people. police s
administration outlined the new security rules in a directive sent to airlines sunday. >>> a washington, d.c. couple shocked the nation after getting into a state house dinner at the white house without an invitation. kai is live in the newsroom with a new admission from the security team. >> reporter: that's right, the secret service was reviewing how to the salahis got into the dinner without being on the guest list, that's when it was discovered a third person got into the dinner as well. the third guest was not on the data guest of people prescreened, but he did go through other screenings such as metal detectors and screenings. >>> police are looking for a mother missing for three week, they are also looking for furniture that could reveal information of what happened to her. detectives are certain someone knows where she is. >> it's been real rough, it's been hell on earth. >> reporter: foster's family members have gone through the worse holiday season of their lives. the 23-year-old woman has been missing since thanksgiving, foster's mother tony owens is convinced she's never coming
recovery could take a long time. >> to learn more about cocoa's progress, visit a link at the washington humane society. >> he saved his life. why not try to save that dog. >> absolutely. >>> still without hope. a man is discovered missing after winning the lottery. tonight, human remains are found. >>> human dangers behind every click of your mouse. >>> i'm bob turk. we'll have that look at the weekend. ask your exclusive first warning five-day forecast is coming up. >>> wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates on all the day's news, and updated forecast, log onto ,,,, >>> an update to breaking news out of jacksonville, florida. that's where a continental flight was diverted because a passenger might have been on the no-fly list. they have now confirmed that the person does not match the person on the list. the flight originated in newark and was headed for bogota, columbia. >>> hampering efforts to treat thousands of earthquake survivors. nearly a quarter million haitians are in need of post- surgery care, 2 1/2 weeks ago. the
. complete coverage continues now with scott broom from cbs in washington, d.c. he reports for wjz from on board the usns comfort. the comfort will arrive in haiti later this week. >> i'm scott broom on the hospital ship comfort tonight. as we continue to make progress toward haiti tonight. the medical staff, many of whom hail from bethesda and walter reed, are getting ready to take on the first patients as early as tomorrow. while the ship is still hundreds of miles out from the final destination of port-au- prince. this has not been officially confirmed. but they're getting ready as fast as they can tonight. those patients will come by helicopter, just like on the tv show "mash" or in our local trauma hospitals. and likely to be critical cases that have already been med vakd and received some treatment on other navy ships off the coast of haiti. it's all business here tonight. today, there was a walk-through from the entire medical staff from the emergency room that takes patients right from the flight deck, all the way down to the pediatrics ward, which has the biggest specialty staf
accused of the deadly shooting at washington's holocaust museum has died. >> reporter: 89-year-old james von brunn died in a federal complex in north carolina. he was awaiting trial for killing security guard stephen johnson. the deadly shooting happened june 10th. von brunn was wounded in the shooting. officials at the prison hospital had said chronic medical problems complicated a psychiatric evaluation for the suspect. von brunn was a white supremacist who prior to the shooting had written racist and anti-semitic credos on the internet. back to you. >> von brunn died around 1:00 this afternoon in butner, north carolina where he was being held awaiting trial. >>> prosecutors say a former featurer and field hockey coach at to towson has pled guilty. he engaged in sexually explicit on line conversations with someone he thought was a 13- year-old girl. he was a teacher at a school in montgomery county. he will be sentenced in march. >>> metro transit police say they have a new unit working to deter terrorists from targeting the transit system. the police department received more than $9 m
further to the north. so it's not out of the realm of possibility that baltimore, washington area could see one, two, maybe three inches at max at this point. down here, southern virginia, southern maryland. calvert, st. mary's, lower eastern shore. down here, you might see as much as 5 or 6 inches from this storm. so it's going to affect you for sure. far north and west of the areas, not that much. winds here, very light. not down to 6. the storm is primarily moving from west to east, across the southeast. heavy rains there, with the snow band for the north. heavy rains in southern southwest virginia. west virginia. some areas down here. roanoke, listen burg, could see -- lynchburg. by sunday, sunshine returns. along with cold temps. but a slight improvement. maybe 10 degrees warmer. northeast winds are 10 to 15 knots. bay temp, stuck at around 35 degrees. at least there's no ice on the bay. like there has been some years. 18 tonight, cloudy. breezy ahead. 22. maybe about an inch or so around the city. more south of the area. annapolis could see 2, d.c. may
at the age of 92. this is file video of her during the campaign. the vice president left washington to be by her side earlier this week when she became ill. in a statement, jean finnegan biden died this morning, surrounded by family and loved ones. >>> the man accused of trying to blow up a plane on christmas day makes his first appearance in court. drew levinson reports for wjz. the entire hearing lasted only four minutes. >> reporter: suspected terrorist umar farouq abdulmutallab said little at his arraignment. the young nigerian, accused of trying to blow up a plane answered yes in english, when the judge asked, if he understood the charges against him. the judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. a group of nigerians who know the 20-year-old were inside the courtroom for the proceeding. they claim umar farouq abdulmutallab sneaked an explosive on board a flight. a grand jury indicted him on six charges, including one that carries a life sentence. attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. >> the president's counter terrorism adviser said abdulmutallab would be offered
in the newsroom with are in on what happened. kai? >> reporter: vic, it happened a short time ago, near washington light rail stop on smith avenue. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene as police responded to this spent. police say the man was walking on a light rail station when he was attacked by two men. the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. the two suspects were at large. because the attacks happened near a light rail stop, mta police are handling this investigation. >> police are checking security video at the stop for possible clues. >>> cleanup continues tonight for several maryland communities. following coastal flooding. damaging high winds and heavy rains. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk have more on how coastal flooding actually occurs. but we begin with weijia jiang, in baltimore county, with more on the cleanup. >> reporter: good evening to you, and good evening to everyone. well, much of miller's island right now looks just as it does behind me. large sections of standing water that you can imagine would be tricky to walk through or drive through. well, imag
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21